About Us


vizsla weimaraner breeders was founded in 2014 by Thomas Cooper and his family. Cooper began with not only a true passion for Miniature puppies but also a steadfast commitment to ensuring the optimal health and lifetime happiness of our breeding pairs and their precious puppies. He performed extensive research of best breeding practices and learned everything she could from the American Kennel Club, the AKC Club of America, reference books, and experienced reputable breeders.
After researching countless canine pedigrees and the reputations of professional breeders throughout the United States, Cooper acquired his first breeding pairs from two of the top Miniature Puppies breeders in the country. We at vizsla weimaraner feel that we have been well rewarded for our hard work and tender loving care with generations of beautiful, healthy, good tempered, and well-socialized Miniature Puppies.

We Are a Certified

Vizsla Weimaraner Breeders have been a certified AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T breeder for Miniature puppies since 2011. We are committed to the health and welfare of our breeding stock as well as the beloved puppies born into our care.
As an active member of the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder program, our. facilities are regularly inspected, and our puppies and their parents are regularly health tested. We have also continued to meet or exceed all program requirements as specified by the AKC.